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To apply for a cultural visa the applicant should submit:

  1. the written invitation from the inviting organization;
  2. proof of employment; students should submit letter from university/school; *
  3. confirmation of accommodation; *
  4. return tickets or the copy of a driver’s license and vehicle registration; *
  5. a valid travel document issued within last 10 years with two blank pages and the validity of 3 months after the expiry date of the visa;

  6. the application form must be filled on line on the following link Hand written forms are not acceptable by the Embassy, the only exemption is for unemployed pensioners. All online forms should be printed and signed by each applicant.

  7. one recent color photograph not older than 6 months on a light background size of 35*45 mm;

  8. any expired or other valid foreign travel passport if there are schengen visas issued within last 3 years;

  9. copy of the internal passport including pages with the applicant’s personal information and registered domicile;

  10. travel insurances;

    The insurance policy should be valid for all the Schengen countries. The insurance coverage must be at least Euro 30,000. The policies filled in by hand are not accepted. In case of a multi visa request, the travel insurance could be presented only for the first trip.

    For your convenience online insurance option is available on the link below.


    Order an insurance Online

    lex rus vms
    Order an insurance Online
  11. visa fee;

  12. domestic passport. (Russian Nationals);
  13. the consent for processing the personal data;
    The separate form in original is required for each applicant including children. For children under 18 the consent should be filled in and signed by one of the parents or the appropriate adult with entering his personal data in corresponding section. The consent form can be both handwritten or typed.
    The form and examples of filling are located in the section Application forms

    Optional documents
    For applicants under 18 years of age additional documents are required.